This post will provide you with essential tips to a successful LinkedIn profile. 

Your Name

Most of us would think this should be easy. However, many make mistakes. Do not use any emoticon or symbol in your name. LinkedIn is a professional network, not Facebook. You may mention a Ph.D. but not a MBA. Who does not have one?

Your Picture

Do not leave this field empty.  Putting a picture on your LinkedIn profile is of utmost importance. Not willing to show your full face? An artistic or a black and white photography will do. If you do not want to use a picture of yourself, you can choose to use an image that represents something about your personality. 

Your Slogan

This field is perfect for letting others know that you are seeking a job or recruiting. Try not to brag about yourself: nowadays everyone wants to save the planet, and everyone is a kind person. If you're going to be different from the others, tell them you want to make plenty of money.

Your Skills

Mention six to eight skills on your profile. Your skills should be as informative as possible. For example, a developer can list the languages he masters. Skills not only show others the amount of knowledge you possess. If you have a lot of recommandations They will let others know about your social networking as well.

The Pulse

You can publish articles in ‘Pulse.’ However, these are almost never included in the stream. On the other hand potential employers may consult them. Truth to be told, even a poorly-referenced personal blog will attract more readers.

Posts and Comments

When posting, you can increase your audience by explicitly quoting  people with @name and theywill receive a notification. Only a small sample of your contacts or follower will see your post on their wall. LinkedIn will increase the diffusion only if you received enough likes and comments.

Be gentle and professional

Let us be clear: if you are an employee, you represent your company. If you insult someone  on LinkedIn, you could be fired.  I recommend to post interesting informations related to your field of business.
You will notice a number of posts such as "family before work, do you agree?’’ gain thousands of likes. Not that astonishing, because they probably bought the likes and comments.

Social Selling Index

LinkedIn offers a Social Selling Index or SSI.  it measures your activity and influence on the network. A score of 80 and above is excellent. A so-called “influencer” with a score of 70 can be seen as an amateur. Yet the SSI is only one index among others. In general, I do not recommend buying any trainings. Basic principles are more than enough to use LinkedIn effectively.

Bad Practices

There are numerous bad practices, the worst one of them is spam. For example, one of your contacts takes your details through a bot and sends you newsletters without your permission. Not only is this illegal, your contacts will also think you have little marketing knowledge.  However, it is possible for an expert to send thousands of correctly targeted messages without  being accused of spam. 

Sales Navigator and LinkedIn Helper

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator: is a expensive but very useful option. The Sales Navigator helps you target the right people and companies. It includes, among other things, a search engine in which you can combine more than twenty criteria. Rather than sending messages or invitations manually, you can use a much more efficient function: the LinkedIn Helper. This bot can carry out automated tasks like sending messages to targeted people and companies through the Sales Navigator. No one will ever accuse you of spam.

If you would like any other information, do not hesitate to ask me.



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