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Do not look for this term in your favorite marketing book, I invented it. 'jail bound"'in English means 'destined to make prison"And that's precisely what you want to get from your clients, metaphorically speaking.  You want your clients in a closed environment by making them believe that it is in their best interest. An example? Google has developed Chrome with its embedded search engine. And the development of Android, with all the Google tools installed on it, is obviously jail bound marketing. Google has pushed this logic up to the end with Chrome OS, Chromebook computers and acted as an instrumental Troy's horse on iPhones: Install various Google Apps and read your mail with inbox: Clicking on a link will launch chrome. You browse the Internet and view a Google Plus profile: The app will start automatically. Interested, you want to discuss with this person? Then Hangout will run. Are you meeting somewhere? Google map takes over. Here we have a full session, on an Apple phone, without ever using the apps provided with IOS. 
Facebook does the same thing with Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp and the more and more functions integrated directly, mainly to discourage you from going on Snapchat, YouTube or a news magazine.  
 Jail bound for small businesses
One would think that this formidable concept of efficiency is reserved for large groups. It is not. Take the example of "Moichef," which I have the honor to advise. Passionate people realize their recipes, what will they do next? Expose their achievements, discuss, seek advice... on Pinterest, Facebook, and specialized kitchen sites. If they quote Moichef, they become brand ambassadors, and we can qualify the process as inbound marketing. I suggested creating a forum directly on Moichef website. The customer buys a recipe, and he is cooking then post his big success on the integrated forum: it's the beginning of jail bound marketing. This technique is instrumental regarding SEO: Nothing like content for a proper referencing but jail bound goes a step further: don't let your clients quit your website. Easier said than done, I agree...

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