It's a story that the SEO veterans are still recounting trembling, and sometimes to scare the new ones who haven't experienced that era.
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A few years ago – some of you may remember the exact date – Google made clear that it did not like the underscore as a word separator, which was then widely used in the URLs of websites. What do you think happened? The space bar, as we know it, got replaced by the dash. Thousands of millions of pages updated in a few hours for the fear of downgrading. Very logical, but also terrifying: What if tomorrow, Yahoo or Bing announces to us that the dash is a bad separator, what would happen? Nothing, since we would not care. There is probably no better example to show the supremacy of Google. Imagine that tomorrow, Google declares that the word "sauerkraut" is not fit for use anymore and should be replaced by "paella".  The cabbage dish would then disappear from the Earth’s surface in a moment because no one wants to disappear from Google’s search results There is another story about Google: How the firm has made the Internet stupid, but that will be saved for another time. And you, what word or character would you want to put an end to, if you were the almighty Google?

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