This post will provide you with essential tips to a successful LinkedIn profile. 

In other words, it may be a little exaggerated, but being a SEO has become a discipline which gets easier and easier to master: everything that is needed, is a logical mind and a minimum of common sense. By what miracle? Because Google’s algorithm has become a formidable motor of artificial intelligence that can analyse a webpage in a way that a human could – one with a logical mind and a minimum of common sense. See where I am getting at?

Traduction en Anglais. 
Do not look for this term in your favorite marketing book, I invented it. 'jail bound"'in English means 'destined to make prison"And that's precisely what you want to get from your clients, metaphorically speaking. 

It's a story that the SEO veterans are still recounting trembling, and sometimes to scare the new ones who haven't experienced that era.

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